48785 - Standard Solid-State Relay Series

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85A, 9V-31V DC.
Fully solid-state, with no moving parts to wear out. The Electronic Solenoid stands up to over 20 million On-Off cycles. It is completely sealed, ignition protected, and withstands vibration and adverse environments. Perfect for vehicles that are always on the move. Use the Electronic Solenoid in both 12V or 24V applications... or any voltage between 9 and 31V.
Solenoid can be used in both High Side and Low Side switching applications.
Needs only a very low control current.
Suitable for high inrush demand circuits.

  • 9 - 31V DC, 85A continuous or 175A intermittent. 
  • Low On resistance of .005Ω 
  • Low control current of .02A (max) means lighter wires, smaller harnesses. 
  • On/Off control voltage must be identical to the system voltage. 
  • Wide temperature operating range -40°C to + 85°C without derating. 
  • Protected from transient voltage spikes or surges.
Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Package Type Bulk
Description Solid State Relay with Two Wire Leads
Voltage 24V
Continuous current 85A
Contacts Copper
Housing Plated Steel
Voltage rating 12-24V
Max total continuous current 85A
Control current 20 mA
Sealing IP67
Stud terminals Two Copper 5/16-18 Studs
Sample Capable No

pdf icon 48785 Electronic Solenoid Switch Datasheet

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