05930800 - 05930100 Series

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A time-delay relay is a device with low current absorption which triggers, after a programmed time and via an electronic circuit, a relay contact.

The various models differ from one another according to their specific function: energizing time-delay relay (output activated after a certain time) deenergizing time-delay relay (the output deactivates after a set period of time); time-delay relay both energizing and deenergizing (in this case both functions are integrated).

These relays are used particularly on buses, commanding the opening and closing of the air conditioning, the time-delay for engine shutdown, the rear fog lights and activating the the brakes during stops (2nd axis), etc.

  • Interchangeable with IVECO original equipement
  • All the relays switches function with 24V
  • Time delay randge: 30 sec deenergizing
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Time Delay Range 30
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