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24V electrical coils with EBS are used to connect a trucks tractor and a semitrailer in the commercial vehicles sector, conforming to ISO 7638-1. They are authorized for electrical connections on vehicles transporting hazardous goods, based on the technical specifications given by ADR/GGVS norms. 

The cables conform to ISO 4141, with external sheath made of Polyurethane (TPU) and are available only with small size 30 mm turn diameter.

  • Standards: Conforms to ISO 7638-1 and ISO 4141 recommendations and standards.
  • External Polyurethane sheath provides high flexibility together with good mechanical characteristics even at very low temperature.
  • All coils are available with a bending protection grommet.

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Catalog #Voltage Rating MaxCable MaterialCable DiameterCable CoresHousingCompare
0052103024Polyurethane12.3 mm2x4+5x1.5 mmqPlastic
0052103524Polyurethane12.3 mm2x4+5x1.5 mmqPlastic
0055878524Polyurethane13.5 mm2x4+5x1.5 mmqPlastic
Obsolete: 2018 -08-14
24Polyurethane13.5 mm2x4+5x1.5 mmq
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