LCF2012 Series - LCF Series 2012 Common Mode Noise Filter

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Common Mode Noise Filters attenuate the common mode noise that is problematic in differential transmission (examples: USB, HDMI and MIPI), balanced transmission, power supply lines, and audio lines.

Common Mode Noise Filters (CMF) are ideal for suppressing unwanted common mode noise with frequencies ranging from hundred megahertz to gigahertz with no adverse effect on the signals (differential cut-off frequency).


  • Effective for suppressing common mode noise High Insertion loss more than -29 dB common mode noise attenuation in GHz range
  • High differential mode cut-off frequency up to 7.38 GHz
  • Ultra low profile (as low as 2.0 x 1.2 x 0.8 mm)
  • Variety CM impedance values   
  • High temperature soldering guaranteed: 260°C/10 seconds  
  • Has multi-lines up to 4 lines


  • Portable / Wearable Devices: Mobile phone, Taablet, Game console, POS, VR, Dongle 
  • Consumer : PDP, LCD TV, DVD Player, PC, Audio player, DSC, Set top box, Laptop, SSD, Home Automation      
  • IOT module for white goods, display-based applications, Multimedia applications

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Size Code (mm/in)Number of LinesCommon Mode Impedance (Ω at 100MHz)Thickness (Max) mmCut-off Freq (GHz)Rated Current (Max) mARated Voltage (Vdc)DC Resistance (Max Ω)ESD per IEC 61000-4-2Capacitance (Co) (pF)Insulation Resistance (Min MΩ)Operating TemperatureAEC-Q200 QualifiedSample CapableCheck StockStockSamplesCompare
LCF201202A121TG2012/0805Single (2lines)120(±25%)0.83.95100N/AMax 4.0N/AN/A10-40C ~ + 85CNoYesYesCheckOrder
LCF201202A900TG2012/0805Single (2lines)90(±25%)0.83.89100N/AMax 4.0N/AN/A10-40C ~ + 85CNoYesYesCheckOrder
LCF201204A101TG2012/0805Multi (4lines)100(±25%)0.82.92100N/AMax 4.0N/AN/A10-40C ~ + 85CNoYesYesCheckOrder
LCF201204A300TG2012/0805Multi (4lines)30(±25%)0.87.38100N/AMax 4.0N/AN/A10-40C ~ + 85CNoYesYesCheckOrder
LCF201204B101TG2012/0805Multi (4lines)100(±25%)0.82.92120N/AMax 4.0N/AN/A10-40C ~ + 85CNoYesYesCheckOrder
LCF201204C101TG2012/0805Multi (4lines)100(±25%)0.82.92130N/AMax 4.0N/AN/A10-40C ~ + 85CNoYesYesCheckOrder
Obsolete: 2019 -02-28
2012/0805Multi (4lines)180(±25%)0.84.23100N/AMax 4.0N/AN/A10-40C ~ + 85CNoNoNo