JCASE - FHJ Series - JCASE® & LP-JCASE® Style - In-Line Wire Lead Fuseholders

jcase inline fuse holder fhj fhjc
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This product is an In-line fuse holder for use with either standard or Low Profile JCASE® fuses, 20A - 60A. It offers size and weight savings compared to MAXI® fuseholders, and has an optional protective cover for splash resistance or a mounting bracket.

Standard product will have two 102mm red wire leads. Wire length and insulation color can be customized upon request. Tinned wires also available upon request. All customizations have minimum order requirements. Contact Littelfuse sales representative for details.

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Amps (A)VAC (V)VDC (V)MountingFuse TypeStockCompare
0FHJ1001G405858In-LineJcase (0495) and LP Jcase (0895)Check
0FHJ1002G605858In-LineJcase (0495) and LP Jcase (0895)Check
0FHJ2001G405858In-LineJcase (0495) and LP Jcase (0895)Check
0FHJ2002G605858In-LineJcase (0495) and LP Jcase (0895)Check
FHJC1001G405858In-LineJcase (0495)Check
FHJC1002G605858In-LineJcase (0495)Check
FHJC2001G405858In-LineJcase (0495)Check
FHJC2002G605858In-LineJcase (0495)Check
HLJC1001G405858In-LineLP Jcase (0895)Check
HLJC1002G605858In-LineLP Jcase (0895)Check
HLJC2001G405858In-LineLP Jcase (0895)Check
HLJC2002G605858In-LineLP Jcase (0895)Check