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The 5 Stud and 7 Stud ZCASE Fuse Holders are configurable products designed for primary high current power distribution. They use a power input terminal, which is usually paired with a ZCASE shunt for the input. With common bussed power, configurable studs (choose M6, M8, or M10) and appropriate ZCASE fuses, a wide variety of configurations are possible.  The dust covers keep dust out of the backside of the fuse box and the cover protects the fuses from debris. 

Features and Benefits 

  • High Current Distribution with Flexible bussing and configurable stud sizes to improve assembly Poka Yoke 
  • Mega range Fuses (40A-600A) can be used in any location, so no dedicated locations improving flexibility 
  • Corrosion resistant coatings 
  • Stainless steel nuts can be applied with high speed nut runners 


  • Construction Equipment 
  • Agricultural Equipment 
  • Body Builders 
  • HD/MD Truck

5 Stud ZCASE Fuse Holder
0FHZ0001Z 5 Stud Assembly with Bolts and Bus Bar
5 Stud Full Assembly with M10 Input
0FHZ0003Z 5 Stud Box Only for Configuration
5 Stud Full Assembly with M8 Input
Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Mounting Method Bolt-Down
Fuse Type ZCASE
Current Rating (Max) 600
Current Rating (Continuous) in Amps 400
Voltage Rating (Max) 32
Wire size Max Wire Size: 105 sqmm OR AWG 4/3
Temperature Maximum Celsius 105
Temperature Minimum Celsius -40
Recommended Torque M8 Fuse Stud: 12-15 Nm
Input Terminals M8 Stud
Output Terminals M8 Stud

pdf icon 5 Stud ZCASE Fuse Holder 2D Print

Part Numbers: 0FHZ0001Z, 0FHZ0002Z, 0FHZ0003Z

3D Model - FHZ Series ZCASE Fuse Holder

pdf icon FHZ Series Fuse Holder Instructions

FHZ Series Fuse Holder Instructions

FHZ Series Spotlight

FHZ Series ZCASE Fuse Holder Part Numbers: 0FHZ0001Z, 0FHZ0002Z, 0FHZ0003Z, 0FHZ0005Z, 0FHZ0006Z, 0FHZ0007Z, 0FHZ0008Z, and 0FHZ0009Z

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