LFXV15 Series - Fuse Block & Cover

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The Littelfuse LFXV15 series fuse block and cover is designed to hold 1500 V size 20 x 127 mm fuses rated 35–60 amperes. Suitable for photovoltaic systems (string and high-capacity combiner boxes) with fault currents up to 50 kA. With available ampere ratings up to 60 A, more strings can be pre-combined in harnesses to reduce the number of inputs into combiner boxes, thereby decreasing installation time and labor costs.

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Catalog #Fuse TypeMax AmpsMountingStockSamplesCompare
LFXV15060-BCSolar60DIN RailCheckOrder
LFXV150601C60DIN RailCheckOrder
LFXV15060FBCSolar60DIN RailCheckOrder
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LFXV150601C UL_IZMR E345481icon
LFXV15060FBC UL_IZMR E345481icon

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