MINI Smart Glow Series - Aftermarket - 297 Series - MINI® Fast-Acting Automotive Blade Fuse Smart Glow

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The MINI® Fuse is quickly becoming the new standard for vehicle circuit protection throughout the world. Its miniature design, patented by Littelfuse, meets the need for more circuits to be protected while utilizing less space, and its ability to cope with high temperatures in adverse environments makes the MINI® Fuse the recommended choice for protection.

Smart Glow fuses are innovative automotive style fuses (ATO, Mini, Maxi and glass tube) that feature an indicator light that glows when the fuse is blown, saving time to troubleshoot an open circuit.

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Catalog #Amps (A)FamilyStockSamplesCompare
00940362ZPGLOCarded ProductMINI Blade FusesCheck
00940362ZPGLO5Professional Assortments / KitsCheckOrder
00940462ZGLOCarded ProductMINI Blade FusesCheck
0MIN003.VPGLO3Carded ProductMINI Blade FusesCheckOrder
0MIN010.TPGLO10MINI Blade FusesCheck
0MIN010.TPGLO510MINI Blade FusesCheck
0MIN015.TPGLO15MINI Blade FusesCheck
0MIN015.TPGLO515MINI Blade FusesCheck
0MIN020.TPGLO20MINI Blade FusesCheck
0MIN020.TPGLO520MINI Blade FusesCheck
0MIN025.TPGLO25MINI Blade FusesCheck
0MIN025.TPGLO525MINI Blade FusesCheck
0MIN030.TPGLO530MINI Blade FusesCheck
0MIN003.MXGLO3MINI Blade FusesCheckOrder
0MIN005.VPGLO5Carded ProductMINI Blade FusesCheckOrder
0MIN07.5VPGLO7.5Carded ProductMINI Blade FusesCheckOrder
0MIN003.VXGLO3MINI Blade FusesCheck
0MIN010.VPGLO10Carded ProductMINI Blade FusesCheckOrder
0MIN005.MXGLO5MINI Blade FusesCheckOrder
0MIN015.VPGLO15Carded ProductMINI Blade FusesCheckOrder
0MIN005.VXGLO5MINI Blade FusesCheck
0MIN020.VPGLO20Carded ProductMINI Blade FusesCheckOrder
0MIN07.5MXGLO7.5MINI Blade FusesCheckOrder
0MIN07.5VXGLO7.5MINI Blade FusesCheck
0MIN010.MXGLO10MINI Blade FusesCheckOrder
0MIN025.VPGLO25Carded ProductMINI Blade FusesCheckOrder
0MIN010.VXGLO10MINI Blade FusesCheck
0MIN015.MXGLO15MINI Blade FusesCheckOrder
0MIN030.VPGLO30Carded ProductMINI Blade FusesCheckOrder
0MIN015.VXGLO15MINI Blade FusesCheck
0MIN020.MXGLO20MINI Blade FusesCheckOrder
0MIN020.VXGLO20MINI Blade FusesCheck
0MIN025.MXGLO25MINI Blade FusesCheckOrder
0MIN025.VXGLO25MINI Blade FusesCheck
0MIN030.TPGLO30MINI Blade FusesCheck
0MIN030.VXGLO30MINI Blade FusesCheck