0298225.Z - MEGA® 32V Series

Series: MEGA® 32V
Obsolete: 2000 -06-15
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The MEGA® Fuse is designed for high current circuit protection up to 250 amperes. with "Diffusion Pill Technology". The MEGA® Fuse also provides time delay characteristics. Designed and patented by Littelfuse, the MEGA® Fuse is ideal for battery and alternator protection application and other heavy gauge cables requiring ultra-high current protection.

Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Ampere Rating (A) 225
Nominal Melting I2T (A2sec) 257000
Marking Code Tan
Nominal Voltage Drop (mV) 82
Nominal Cold Resistance (Ohms) 0.000222
Opening Slo-Blo/Time Lag (T)/Time Delay
VDC (V) 32