3998600.ZXM10-SB - Sealed M10 ZCASE Series

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The Sealed M10 ZCASE fuse is designed to mount directly to a standard forklift battery to provide short circuit protection to the highest current circuits powering electric vehicles. Its placement on the battery eliminates the need for any unfused, high-current wires off of the battery—even the battery terminal itself is protected from short circuits and accidental contact. In the event of an electrical fault, the ZCASE style fuse performs quickly and effectively, while also eliminating the false blows seen in legacy high speed fuse designs.

Features and Benefits 

  • Mounts directly to the battery--no additional wiring required
  • Self-protected from battery acid fumes 
  • Protects entire vehicle from high current short circuit faults 
  • Rated for use in explosive atmospheres*

 *Ratings achieved and statements applicable only when used with insulated bolt and a sealed cable lug

Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Fuse Type ZCASE + Bolt
Maximium amperage 600A
Max voltage rating 80V DC
Ingress rating IP67 / IP69K*