NLS Series - 600 V - UL Class K5 "One-Time" Fuses

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NLS series fuses provide low cost protection for general-purpose feeder and branch circuits when available short circuit currents are less than 50,000 amperes. They replace all Class H fuses which have only a 10,000 ampere interrupting rating. They are suitable for use in many residential and smaller commercial and industrial applications.

NLKP series fuses are Canadian “Code” fuses specifically designed to meet Canadian Electrical Code Type P fuse requirements for residential use. They have a 10,000 ampere interrupting rating. However, to obtain the added benefits of time-delay, current-limitation, and higher interrupting rating, consider the use of POWR-PRO™ IDSR Indicator™ fuses for circuits between 250 and 600 volts. The user gets all the benefits of time-delay RK5 fuses plus the added benefits of a n indicating fuse that tells when it has opened. Complete information on these fuses may be found in the POWR-PRO™ section of this catalog. For circuits up to 250 volts, see FLNR fuses in this section of the catalog.

  • General purpose residential and commercial circuits with little or no motor load. Resistive heating loads
  • For use in applications where lowest initial cost is the major consideration.
  • 50,000 A.I.R., Class K5 — Adequate interrupting capacity for residences and many smaller facilities.

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Amps (A)VAC (V)VDC (V)Interrupting RatingOpeningSizeStockSamplesCompare
NLS001160060020 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheckOrder
NLS001P160060020 kA @ 600 VacFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheck
NLS002260060020 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheckOrder
NLS002P260060020 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheck
NLS003360060020 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheckOrder
NLS003P360060020 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheck
NLS004460060020 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheckOrder
NLS004P460060020 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheck
NLS005560060020 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheckOrder
NLS005P560060020 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheck
NLS006660060020 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheckOrder
NLS006P660060020 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheck
NLS007760060020 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheckOrder
NLS007P760060020 kA @ 600 VacFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheck
NLS008860050020 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheckOrder
NLS008P860050020 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheck
NLS0101060050020 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheckOrder
NLS010P1060050020 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheck
NLS0121260050020 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheckOrder
NLS012P1260050020 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheck
NLS0151560050020 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheckOrder
NLS015P1560050020 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheck
NLS0202060050020 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheckOrder
NLS020P2060050020 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheck
NLS0252560050020 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheckOrder
NLS025P2560050020 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheck
NLS0303060050020 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheckOrder
NLS030P3060050020 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheck
NLS0353560040020 kA @ 400 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheckOrder
NLS0404060040020 kA @ 400 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheckOrder
NLS0454560040020 kA @ 400 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheckOrder
NLS0505060040020 kA @ 400 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheckOrder
NLS0606060040020 kA @ 400 VdcFast-Acting (F)Industrial CartridgeCheckOrder
NLS0707060060050 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Knife-BladeCheckOrder
NLS0808060060050 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Knife-BladeCheckOrder
NLS0909060060050 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Knife-BladeCheckOrder
NLS10010060060050 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Knife-BladeCheckOrder
NLS11011060060050 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Knife-BladeCheckOrder
NLS12512560060050 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Knife-BladeCheckOrder
NLS15015060060050 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Knife-BladeCheckOrder
NLS17517560060050 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Knife-BladeCheckOrder
NLS20020060060050 kA @ 600 VdcFast-Acting (F)Knife-BladeCheckOrder
NLS22522560050050 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Knife-BladeCheckOrder
NLS25025060050050 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Knife-BladeCheckOrder
NLS30030060050050 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Knife-BladeCheckOrder
NLS35035060050050 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Knife-BladeCheckOrder
NLS40040060050050 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Knife-BladeCheckOrder
NLS45045060050050 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Knife-BladeCheckOrder
NLS50050060050050 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Knife-BladeCheckOrder
NLS60060060050050 kA @ 500 VdcFast-Acting (F)Knife-BladeCheckOrder

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