KLQ006 - KLQ Series

KLQ Fuses
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  • The Littelfuse KLQ series is designed to protect gaseous vapor fixtures, HID ballasts, and other electronic and lighting circuits.
  • The KLQ is the same physical size as the Littelfuse BLS, but has more time delay to handle transient and inrush currents.
Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Ampere Rating (A) 6
VAC (V) 600
Interrupting Rating 10000A@600VAC
Opening Slo-Blo/Time Lag (T)/Time Delay
Package Size Midget/5AG
    PbFree2/17/2006 RoHS2/17/2006
Document ICPTest_0KLQxxx T_07 10 2013 pdf