PSX Series - High-Speed Square Body

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Littelfuse PSX Series
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Littelfuse PSX Series
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Littelfuse products are not designed for, and shall not be used for, any purpose (including, without limitation, automotive, military, aerospace, medical, life-saving, life-sustaining or nuclear facility applications, devices intended for surgical implant into the body, or any other application in which the failure or lack of desired operation of the product may result in personal injury, death, or property damage) other than those expressly set forth in applicable Littelfuse product documentation. Warranties granted by Littelfuse shall be deemed void for products used for any purpose not expressly set forth in applicable Littelfuse documentation. Littelfuse shall not be liable for any claims or damages arising out of products used in applications not expressly intended by Littelfuse as set forth in applicable Littelfuse documentation. The sale and use of Littelfuse products is subject to Littelfuse Terms and Conditions of Sale, unless otherwise agreed by Littelfuse. "Littelfuse" includes Littelfuse, Inc., and all of its affiliate entities.

Littelfuse PSX series 1500 V dc high-speed square body fuses are specially designed to protect battery energy storage systems (BESS), photovoltaic inverters, and many of dc applications such as dc common bus systems, larger industrial regenerative drives, rectifiers and, metal processing equipment.

The PSX series fuses are extremely fast-acting, offering high-speed performance up to 1500 V dc, ranging from 80 A to 1400 A in the smallest NH XL package sizes. The PSX series is available with multiple mounting terminations including flush-end style, DIN-style and bolted-blade style. Visual blown fuse indication is standard on all fuses and optional micro-switch is available for external indication. PSX series are certified to UL 248-13 and designed to meet EN high-speed semiconductor fuse standard and IEC 60269-7, a new battery protection fuse standard in development.



  • High dc voltage rating up to 1500 V dc
  • DC interrupting rating rated at 200 kA*
  • Extremely fast acting (high-speed performance)
  • Low watt loss (energy efficiency for BESS applications)
  • Compact NH 1XL and 3XL sizes
  • Class aR performance according to IEC 60269-4



  • Battery energy storage systems (BESS)
  • Power conversion systems
  • Dc common bus systems
  • Hybrid PV-BESS inverters
  • Regenerative drives
  • Industrial heaters and welding equipment
  • Metal processing industries

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Amps (A)Interrupting RatingOpeningCase SizeStockSamplesCompare
PSX1XLDB008080200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLDB0100100200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLDB0125125200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLDB0160160200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLDB0200200200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLDB0250250200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLDB0280280200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLDB0315315200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLDB0350350200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLDB0400400200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLDB0450450200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLDB0500500200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLDB0550550200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLDB0630630200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLFL008080200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLFL0100100200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLFL0125125200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLFL0160160200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLFL0200200200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLFL0250250200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLFL0280280200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLFL0315315200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLFL0350350200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLFL0400400200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLFL0450450200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLFL0500500200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLFL0550550200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLFL0630630200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLUB008080200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLUB0100100200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLUB0125125200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLUB0160160200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLUB0200200200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLUB0250250200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLUB0280280200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLUB0315315200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLUB0350350200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLUB0400400200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLUB0450450200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLUB0500500200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLUB0550550200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX1XLUB0630630200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 1XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLDB0700700200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLDB0800800200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLDB0900900200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLDB10001000200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLDB11001100200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLDB12501250200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLDB14001400200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLFL0700700200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLFL0800800200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLFL0900900200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLFL10001000200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLFL11001100200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLFL12501250200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLFL14001400200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLUB0700700200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLUB0800800200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLUB0900900200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLUB10001000200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLUB11001100200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLUB12501250200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
PSX3XLUB14001400200kA@1500VDCVery Fast-Acting (FF)NH 3XLCheckOrder
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