KLC Series - 600 Vac - Traditional Semiconductor Fuse

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Designed to protect today’s equipment and systems, Littelfuse semiconductor fuses are manufactured with Littelfuse-developed technology that sets tomorrow’s standards for accuracy, consistent quality, reliability, and predictable performance. By using advanced metallurgical, polymer, and materials research; mathematical modeling, and computerized statistical analysis; Littelfuse engineers have redefined “State-of-the-Art.”

Designed specifically for supplementary protection of semiconducting devices such as silicon controlled rectifiers (SCR’s), diodes, thyristors, triacs, transistors, and similar solid-state devices. These devices are used in power equipment including variable speed drives, power rectifiers, UPS systems, DC power supplies, and in a wide range of electronic equipment. May be used wherever extremely fast-acting, current-limiting fuses with no time delay are required.

  • 200,000 A.I.R. — Reliable interruption of all overcurrents up to 200,000 amperes . . . meets present and future system requirements. (Note: L15S series has 100,000 A.I.R.)
  • Extremely Current Limiting — Low I2t and peak let-through currents meet most semiconductor requirements.UL Recognized — Littelfuse semiconductor fuses are recognized under the components program of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., and carry the mark. UL Recognized semiconductor fuses may be used to provide supplementary protection in UL listed equipment.
  • Low Watt Losses — Means less heating and power consumption in circuit.
  • Controlled Transient Overvoltages — All circuits are subject to transient overvoltages during fault current interruption. These transient overvoltages (arc voltages) start when fuse links melt or circuit breaker contacts part, and subside when circuit is interrupted. Semiconductors are very sensitive to overvoltages. Littelfuse semiconductor fuse designs keep transient overvoltages to low levels and help reduce semiconductor failure.

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Amps (A)VAC (V)Interrupting RatingOpeningStockSamplesCompare
KLC0011600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC0022600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC0033600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC0044600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC0055600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC0066600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC0077600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC0088600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC01010600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC01212600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC01515600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC02020600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC02525600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC03030600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC03535600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC04040600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC04545600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC05050600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC06060600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC07070600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC08080600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC09090600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC100100600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC110110600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC125125600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC150150600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC17.517.5600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC175175600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC200200600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC225225600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC250250600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC300300600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC350350600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC400400600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC450450600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC500500600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC600600600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC700700600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder
KLC800800600200000A@600VACVery Fast-Acting (FF)CheckOrder

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