L17T Series - Current Limiting Telecommunications Fuse

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Specifically designed for short circuit protection of Telecommunications circuits, the Littelfuse L17T series fuses provide reliable protection of sensitive DC power distribution systems. Constructed with silver plated elements for low l2t and peak let-through, these advanced fuses virtually eliminate equipment damage due to surges and spikes. The L17T series fuse’s unique element geometry also provides cooler running temperatures, helping to minimize heat within enclosures.

  • Low l2t
  • Extremely current limiting
  • Low operating temperature
  • 170 VDC rating

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Amps (A)VDC (V)Interrupting RatingOpeningStockSamplesCompare
L17T07070170100 kA @ 170 VdcFast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
L17T09090170100 kA @ 170 VdcFast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
L17T100100170100 kA @ 170 VdcFast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
L17T10001000170100 kA @ 170 VdcFast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
L17T11001100170100 kA @ 170 VdcFast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
L17T12001200170100 kA @ 170 VdcFast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
L17T125125170100 kA @ 170 VdcFast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
L17T150150170100 kA @ 170 VdcFast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
L17T175175170100 kA @ 170 VdcFast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
L17T200200170100 kA @ 170 VdcFast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
L17T225225170100 kA @ 170 VdcFast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
L17T250250170100 kA @ 170 VdcFast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
L17T300300170100 kA @ 170 VdcFast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
L17T350350170100 kA @ 170 VdcFast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
L17T400400170100 kA @ 170 VdcFast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
L17T450450170100 kA @ 170 VdcFast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
L17T500500170100 kA @ 170 VdcFast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
L17T600600170100 kA @ 170 VdcFast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
L17T800800170100 kA @ 170 VdcFast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
L17T900900170100 kA @ 170 VdcFast-Acting (F)CheckOrder
Part # Part Description RoHS Pb-free RoHS (2015/ 863/EU) Certificate REACH (SVHC’s) Declaration Halogen Free REACH (SVHC’s)
L17T070.T FUS 170VDC VF/A TELE-GARD 70A RoHS No 01/01/2007 PbFree No No
L17T090.T FUS 170VDC VF/A TELE-GARD 90A RoHS No 01/01/2007 PbFree No CoC_RoHS9_L17T090.T_04-30-2020 REACH205_Declaration_-Contain-_L17T090.T_04-30-2020 No
L17T100.T FUS 170VDC VF/A TELE-GARD 100A RoHS No 01/01/2007 PbFree No CoC_RoHS9_L17T100.T_04-30-2020 REACH205_Declaration_-Contain-_L17T100.T_04-30-2020 No
L17T1000V FUS 170VDC VF/A TELE-GARD 1000A RoHS No 01/01/2007 PbFree No No
L17T1100V FUS 170VDC VF/A TELE-GARD 1100A RoHS No 01/01/2007 PbFree No No
L17T1200V FUS 170VDC VF/A TELE-GARD 1200A RoHS No 01/01/2007 PbFree No No
L17T125.T FUS 170VDC VF/A TELE-GARD 125A RoHS No 01/01/2007 PbFree No CoC_RoHS9_L17T125.T_04-27-2020 REACH205_Declaration_-Contain-_L17T125.T_04-22-2020 No
L17T150.T FUS 170VDC VF/A TELE-GARD 150A RoHS No 01/01/2007 PbFree No No
L17T175.T FUS 170VDC VF/A TELE-GARD 175A RoHS No 01/01/2007 PbFree No No
L17T200.T FUS 170VDC VF/A TELE-GARD 200A RoHS No 01/01/2007 PbFree No CoC_RoHS9_L17T200.T_09-17-2019 REACH201_Declaration_with_Pb_L17T200.T_09-17-2019 No
L17T225.T FUS 170VDC VF/A TELE-GARD 225A RoHS No 01/01/2007 PbFree No No
L17T250.T FUS 170VDC VF/A TELE-GARD 250A RoHS No 01/01/2007 PbFree No No
L17T300.V FUS 170VDC VF/A TELE-GARD 300A RoHS No 01/01/2007 PbFree No CoC_RoHS9_L17T300.V_04-30-2020 REACH205_Declaration_-Contain-_L17T300.V_04-30-2020 No
L17T350.V FUS 170VDC VF/A TELE-GARD 350A RoHS No 01/01/2007 PbFree No No
L17T400.V FUS 170VDC VF/A TELE-GARD 400A RoHS No 01/01/2007 PbFree No CoC_RoHS9_L17T400.V_04-30-2020 REACH205_Declaration_-Contain-_L17T400.V_04-30-2020 No
L17T450.V FUS 170VDC VF/A TELE-GARD 450A RoHS No 01/01/2007 PbFree No No
L17T500.V FUS 170VDC VF/A TELE-GARD 500A RoHS No 01/01/2007 PbFree No No
L17T600.V FUS 170VDC VF/A TELE-GARD 600A RoHS No 01/01/2007 PbFree No CoC_RoHS9_L17T600.V_10-26-2021 REACH219_Declaration_(Contain)_L17T600.V_10-26-2021 No
L17T800.V FUS 170VDC VF/A TELE-GARD 800A RoHS No 01/01/2007 PbFree No CoC_RoHS9_L17T800.V_04-30-2020 REACH205_Declaration_-Contain-_L17T800.V_04-30-2020 No
L17T900.V FUS 170VDC VF/A TELE-GARD 900A RoHS No 01/01/2007 PbFree No No
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