885 Series - Nano2® High Interrupting Rating 500VDC Surface Mount Fuse

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885 Series Nano2® Fuse is 500VDC high voltage DC rated Surface Mount fuse with high interrupting current rating up to 1500A. It not only complies with IEC 60127-7 Standard and meets Littelfuse automotive qualifications based on AEC-Q200 test plan as well.

With voltage rating up to 500VDC, this 885 Series Fuse helps the customer to optimize design by saving board space and provides very high short circuit current protection up to 1500A.


  • High DC Voltage up to 500VDC and Interrupting Current Rating up to 1500A
  • Reliable/Robust Fuse Design (Solderless Platform)
  • Meets Littelfuse’s automotive qualifications with a compact footprint of 10.86 x 4.78mm
  • Small Size/Surface Mountable Type
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C


  • Automotive – Electric Vehicles (Li-Ion Battery Packs)
  • Battery Management Systems (BMS)
  • Sense Lines
  • High voltage DC/DC converter

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Catalog #Amps (A)VDC (V)VAC (V)Nominal Melting I2T (A2sec)Resistance
Interrupting RatingBodyMin Operating Temp (°C)Max Operating Temp (°C)Marking CodeSizeStockSamplesCompare
88500115003500.80.078100@500V DCPlastic-4085LF 885 DC 1A 500VDC10.86 x 4.78mmCheckOrder
88500225003504.70.0322100@500V DCPlastic-4085LF 885 DC 2A 500VDC10.86 x 4.78mmCheckOrder
885004445035021.30.0152100@450V DCPlastic-4085LF 885 DC 4A 450VDC10.86 x 4.78mmCheckOrder
8850055450350350.0119100@450V DCPlastic-4085LF 885 DC 5A 450VDC10.86 x 4.78mmCheckOrder
88501.61.65003502.30.0473100@500V DCPlastic-4085LF 885 DC 1.6A 500VDC10.86 x 4.78mmCheckOrder
88502.52.55003506.90.0267100@500V DCPlastic-4085LF 885 DC 2.5A 500VDC10.86 x 4.78mmCheckOrder
8851.251.255003501.250.063100@500V DCPlastic-4085LF 885 DC 1.25A 500VDC10.86 x 4.78mmCheckOrder
8853.153.1550035013.350.0196100@500V DCPlastic-4085LF 885 DC 3.15A 500VDC10.86 x 4.78mmCheckOrder

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