LPS6 - LPS Series

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The Littelfuse® LPS Series provides a simple and economical solution for applications that require selective coordination and shunt trip capabilities. Utilizes Class J time-delay fuses that are easily coordinated with other system overcurrent devices. The shunt trip capability allows the LPS Series to meet the ANSI/ASME standard that requires power to be automatically disconnected before water is turned on by the fire safety system.

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  • Elevator circuits
  • Data processing rooms
  • Building emergency systems


  • Pre-engineered single unit, which makes procurement easier than systems with multiple components
  • Reduces labor costs up to 66% and total installation costs by over 30%
  • Pre-installed UL listed Class J fuse holder – unique
  • Class J size eliminates the need for any rejection type fuse clips
  • Optional features offer flexibility for a variety of applications
  • Control power terminal block
  • UL Listed package
  • Cu and AI wire rated
  • Pre-wired control circuits lower installation time
  • Lockable operating handle meets all code and safety requirements (Accepts up to 3 locks)
  • Every unit is fully tested before delivery


  • Control power transformer with fuses and blocks
  • Fire safety interface relay
  • Key to test switch
  • Pilot light ”On”
  • Isolated neutral lug
  • Mechanical interlock auxiliary contact for hydraulic elevators with automatic recall (5 amp 120 Vac rated)
  • Fire alarm voltage monitoring relay
  • Option to bypass alarm when performing maintenance (-AZ option)
  • XPress-Ship™ service offers 48 Hours direct shipment service on select fully loaded LPS POWR-Switches
Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Panel Max Amps 60
Panel Max VAC 208 / 240 / 480
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