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Littelfuse SG series GDT offers high surge ratings in a miniature package. It's designed for surface mounting on PCB with small size 4.5x3.2x2.7mm. Low insertion loss is perfectly suited to broadband equipment applications.

The capacitance does not vary with voltage, and will not cause operational problems with ADSL2+, where capacitance variation across Tip and Ring is undesirable. These devices are extremely robust and are able to divert a 1000A pulse without destruction.

  • RoHS compliant and Lead-free
  • GHz working frequency
  • Excellent stability on multiple pulse duty cycle
  • Excellent response to fast rising transients
  • Ultra Low Insertion Loss
  • 1-2KA surge capability tested with 8/20uS pulse as defined by IEC 8100-4-5
  • Ultra small devices offered in a variety of mounting lead forms
  • Non-Radioactive
  • Low capacitance (<1 pF)
  • Voltage Ranges 75V to 420V
  • UL recognized
  • Conforms to ITU-T K12, IEC 1000-4-5
  • Square Outline

  • Communication equipment
  • CATV equipment
  • Text equipment
  • Data lines
  • Power supplies
  • Telecom SLIC protection
  • Broadband equipment
  • ADSL equipment including ADSL2+
  • XDSL equipment
  • Satellite and CATV equipment
  • General telecom equipment

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #VMIN Spark
VNom Spark
VMAX Spark
@ 100V/μs
@ 1kV/μs
Resistance (ω)
Capacitance (Co) (pF)Impulse Discharge Current @8/20μs (kA)ElectrodesFailsafeInsulation Resistance (MΩ)Operating TemperaturePartner ECAD ModelsStockSamplesCompare
SG1501051501955006001112No1-40° to 90°CSG150CheckOrder
SG2301722302886508001112No1-40° to 90°CSG230CheckOrder
SG3002253003757008501112No1-40° to 90°CSG300CheckOrder
SG300Q2103003905806501112No1-40° to 90°CSG300QCheckOrder
SG35026335043775090010.812No1-40° to 90°CSG350CheckOrder
SG350Q26335043760070010.812No1-40° to 90°CSG350QCheckOrder
SG40030040050080095010.812No1-40° to 90°CSG400CheckOrder
SG42031542052580010001112No1-40° to 90°CSG420CheckOrder
SG420Q3154205256507501112No1-40° to 90°CSG420QCheckOrder
SG450Q3704505506807501112No1-40° to 90°CSG450QCheckOrder
SG500Q400500600900105010.512No1-40° to 90°CSG500QCheckOrder
SG600Q450600750110012001112No1-40° to 90°CSG600QCheckOrder
SG755275985006501122No1-40° to 90°CSG75CheckOrder
SG9063901175006001122No1-40° to 90°CSG90CheckOrder
Part # Part Description RoHS Pb-free RoHS (2015/ 863/EU) Certificate REACH (SVHC’s) Declaration Halogen Free REACH (SVHC’s) IPC-Material Declaration
SG150 SQUARE SG 150V RoHS No 07/10/2012 PbFree No 07/10/2012 CoC_RoHS10_SG150 REACH201_Declaration_SG150 Yes
Does not Contain IPC_SG150
SG230 SQUARE SG 230V RoHS No 07/10/2012 PbFree No 07/10/2012 Yes
SG300 SQUARE SG 300V RoHS No 07/10/2012 PbFree No 07/10/2012 Yes
SG300Q SQUARE SG 300V QUICK RoHS No 07/10/2012 PbFree No 07/10/2012 Yes
SG350 SQUARE SG 350V RoHS No 07/22/2011 PbFree No 07/22/2011 CoC_RoHS10_SG350 REACH201_Declaration_SG350 Yes
Does not Contain
SG350Q SQUARE SG 350V QUICK RoHS No 07/10/2012 PbFree No 07/10/2012 Yes
SG400 SQUARE SG 400V RoHS No 07/10/2012 PbFree No 07/10/2012 CoC_RoHS10_SG400 REACH_SVHC Declaration_SG400 Yes
Does not Contain IPC_SG400
SG420 SQUARE SG 420V RoHS No 07/10/2012 PbFree No 07/10/2012 CoC_RoHS10_SG420 REACH201_Declaration_SG420 Yes
Does not Contain
SG420Q SQUARE SG 420V QUICK RoHS No 07/10/2012 PbFree No 07/10/2012 CoC_RoHS10_SG420Q REACH201_Declaration_SG420Q Yes
Does not Contain
SG450Q SQUARE SG 450V QUICK RoHS No 03/17/2016 PbFree No 03/17/2016 Yes
SG500Q SQUARE SG 500V QUICK RoHS No 07/09/2015 PbFree No 07/09/2015 CoC_RoHS10_SG500Q REACH_SVHC Declaration_SG500Q.pdf Yes
Does not Contain IPC_SG500Q
SG600Q SQUARE SG 600V QUICK RoHS No 02/20/2019 PbFree No 02/20/2019 No
SG75 SQUARE SG 75V RoHS No 07/10/2012 PbFree No 07/10/2012 CoC_RoHS10_SG75 REACH_SVHC Declaration_SG75.pdf Yes
Does not Contain IPC_SG75
SG90 SQUARE SG 90V RoHS No 07/10/2012 PbFree No 07/10/2012 CoC_RoHS10_SG90 REACH_SVHC Declaration_SG90.pdf Yes
Does not Contain IPC_SG90
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