LPWI Series - LPWI Series Power Inductor

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Inductors for power supply circuits require improving multiple aspects of the product simultaneously.

Littelfuse offers compact and low profile dimensions, low losses and high efficiency inductor for power supply circuits based thin film photolithography technology. Littelfuse metal alloy composite power inductor enables high durability, reliability, quality and excellent temperature saturated characteristics.


  • Thin film photolithography technology for compact and low profile
  • More than 28 Thin film type parts
  • Current ranges from 7.6A typ. and Inductance as low as 0.24uH, suitable for high switching frequency applications like smartphones
  • Super low DC resistance as low as 17mohm typ.
  • High Efficiency and Isat ratings: ΔTemp. value up to 95%
  • Metal Alloy composite for high reliability


  • Portable / Wearable Devices : Mobile phone, Tablet, Game console, POS, VR, Dongle 
  • Consumer: PDP, LCD TV, DVD Player, PC, Audio player, DSC, Set top box, Laptop, SSD, Home Automation  
  • IOT module for white goods, display-based applications, Multimedia applications

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #Inductance @ 1MHz (uH)DC Resistance (mΩ) TypRated DC Current (A) ΔT=40℃ MaxSize Code (mm/in)Thickness (Max) mmDC Resistance (mΩ) MaxRated DC Current (A) ΔL/L=30% TypRated DC Current (A) ΔL/L=30% MaxRated DC Current (A) ΔT=40℃ TypTypeSamplesCompare
LPWI201608S1R0T1.00 ± 20%502.62016/08060.8653.32.93FilmOrder
LPWI201608S1R5T1.50 ± 20%901.92016/08060.81202.92.32.1FilmOrder
LPWI201608S2R2T2.20 ± 20%1301.52016/08060.815021.61.9FilmOrder
LPWI201608SR24T0.24 ± 20%203.82016/08060.82554.64.2FilmOrder
LPWI201608SR47T0.47 ± 20%3232016/08060.8403.73.33.4FilmOrder
LPWI201608SR68T0.68 ± 20%402.72016/08060.8553.63.23.1FilmOrder
LPWI201610H1R0T1.00 ± 20%402.72016/08061453.93.63.1FilmOrder
LPWI201610H1R5T1.50 ± 20%852.32016/080611003.22.82.5FilmOrder
LPWI201610H2R2T2.20 ± 20%902.22016/080611002.72.52.4FilmOrder
LPWI201610HR47T0.47 ± 20%203.62016/08061255.34.84.2FilmOrder
LPWI201610HR68T0.68 ± 20%353.12016/08061404.84.33.7FilmOrder
LPWI201610S1R0T1.00 ± 20%502.82016/08061653.53.13.1FilmOrder
LPWI201610S1R5T1.50 ± 20%9222016/080611102.82.42.2FilmOrder
LPWI201610S2R2T2.20 ± 20%1301.62016/080611501.81.51.7FilmOrder
LPWI201610SR24T0.24 ± 20%174.22016/080612365.14.7FilmOrder
LPWI201610SR47T0.47 ± 20%323.52016/08061404.543.8FilmOrder
LPWI201610SR68T0.68 ± 20%403.12016/08061504.13.73.5FilmOrder
LPWI252010H1R0T1.00 ± 20%354.12520/10081454.64.14.3FilmOrder
LPWI252010H2R2T2.20 ± 20%902.32520/10081973.53.12.5FilmOrder
LPWI252010HR33T0.33 ± 20%184.82520/10081217.66.85.6FilmOrder
LPWI252010HR47T0.47 ± 20%224.42520/10081276.665.2FilmOrder
LPWI252010HR68T0.68 ± 20%323.52520/10081375.554.1FilmOrder
LPWI252010S1R0T1.00 ± 20%403.12520/10081504.23.83.5FilmOrder
LPWI252010S1R5T1.50 ± 20%652.52520/10081803.53.12.8FilmOrder
LPWI252010S2R2T2.20 ± 20%1002.32520/1008111032.52.5FilmOrder
LPWI252010SR33T0.33± 20%205.32520/10081256.86.35.8FilmOrder
LPWI252010SR47T0.47± 20%253.72520/100813065.54.1FilmOrder
LPWI252010SR68T0.68 ± 20%333.42520/10081454.84.53.8FilmOrder