RadioPulse primarily produced Zigbee-based, wireless solutions for applications such as remote controls, lighting systems, and home automation.

Our Last-Time-Buy for RadioPulse products expired on June 29, 2018.

Additional orders will no longer be accepted as Littelfuse will aim to satisfy all Last-Time-Buy orders as quickly as possible.

For any other product inquiries or other questions, please reach out directly to Timothy Kwon (

The affected products are listed below:

TG2430XZZ-F2B0E TLSR8267F512ET32
TG2430XZZ-F2B0I TLSR8267F512ET48
TG2432XZZ-F2B0E TLSR8267F512HT32
TG2432XZZ-F2B0I TLSR8267F512HT48
C59T82A5_V2.0 TLSR8267_DEBUG_EVK
TLSR8261F128ET24 TLSR8269F512ET32
TLSR8266ET48 TLSR8269F512ET48
TLSR8266F512ET48 TLSR8366EP16
TLSR8266JIG-M IXYS8261F128ET24
C-MG2420-00 K-55ISP-02
C-MG2460-00 K-55WNA-01
C-MG2470B-00 K-55ZDK-04
C-MG2471-01 K-70EVK-00
MG2475AZZ-F340C K-MG2420-ZHA
MG2475AZZ-F440C K-MG2460-ZHA
RP-M2455AP K-MG2470B-RDK
RP-M2470BP K-MG2475-RDK
RP-M2470BW K-MG2475EVK-00
RP-M2470BWR M-LM2420-SM
K-55EVK-03 M-LM2455-CU02