46211-R - Battery Jumper Terminals and Studs Series

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For PNs 46210-02 and 46210-03:


  • Stud capable of handling 285A (continuous) at 120mm² cable, with temperature rise 25°C above ambient


For PNs 46211-01 and 46211-R:


  • Stud capable of handling 250A (continuous) at 50mm² cable
  • Stud capable of handling up to 600A for up to 20 seconds ON (10 minutes OFF)
  • The plastic insulator is PBT Valox 420 SEO (V0-V2 UL94 flammability rating).
  • Temperature rise (up to 400A at 24V) from 55.6⁰C to 67 ⁰C using 0 AWG cable.
Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Package Type Bulk
Description Heavy Duty Battery Feed Thru Stud Red (Positive)
Body size Diameter 1.562' (39.67mm)
Details Brings DC power through firewalls and bulkheads
Case Impact-resistant plastic insulator and mounting bushing
Terminals Brass