nanoSMD400LR-C-2 - LoRho SMD Series

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The Littelfuse LoRho SMD PTC for Charging Cables provides protection from heat generated due to faults within the connector such as USB-C, microUSB, and many others. As connectors get smaller, their pin-to-pin spacings are shrinking which increases the opportunity for debris such as dust, dirt, or water to collect causing a fault.  These faults can generate a tremendous amount of heat which will damage charging cables, the devices they charge, or people using them.


  • SMD compatible with reflow soldering process
  • Available in small 1206 and 1210 sizes
  • Up to 21Vdc and 4.5A Ihold
  • Ultra-low internal resistance
  • Reset automatically


  • Overtemperature (OT) protection for USB connectors and cables including USB Type-C, USB Micro-B and USB-A
  • Fast charging standards and protocols

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