YC/YM Series - Miniature Polymer Protected Zener Diode

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Help improve output voltage clamping – even when input voltage is high and diode currents are large. Our PolyZen devices are polymer-enhanced, precision Zener diode micro-assemblies. The advanced feature of these devices is that the Zener diode is thermally coupled to a resistively non-linear PPTC (Polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient) layer. This PPTC layer is fully integrated into the devices and is electrically in series between VIN and the diode-clamped VOUT. These offer resettable protection against multi-watt fault events without the need for multi-watt heat sinks. Use PolyZen devices to help protect low-power DC applications from damage caused by inductive voltage spikes, voltage transients, incorrect power supplies, and reverse bias.

Multi-Watt and Time Delayed Protection

  • Overvoltage transient suppression
  • Stable VZ vs. fault current
  • Time delayed, overvoltage trip
  • Time delayed, reverse bias trip
  • Multi-Watt power handling capability
  • Integrated device construction
  • RoHS compliant


  • Stable Zener diode helps shield downstream electronics from overvoltage and reverse bias
  • Trip events shut out overvoltage and reverse bias sources
  • Analog nature of trip events helps minimize damage from upstream inductive spikes
  • Minimal power dissipation requirements
  • Single component placement


  • DC power port protection in portable electronics
  • DC power port protection for systems using barrel jacks for power input
  • Internal overvoltage and transient suppression
  • DC output voltage regulation
  • Tablet PCs and portable electronics

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #VZ Min (V)VZ Max (V)IZT (A)IHold (A)RTYP
VINT Max (VDC)Test Currents (A)IFLT max (A)Test Voltage (VDC)Surge Immunity (8/20 µseconds) (A)Max Operating Temp (°C)Packaging
Package QuantityProduct
ZEN056V130A16YM5.355.850.11.30.11143+3/-40+16/-1215085T&R3000Product SpecificationCheckOrder
ZEN056V130A24YC5.355.850.11.30.11243+4/-40+24/-1616085T&R4000Product SpecificationCheckOrder
ZEN056V175A12YM5.355.850.11.750.05124+3/-40+12/-1215085T&R3000Product SpecificationCheckOrder
ZEN056V230A16YC5.355.850.12.30.04165+3/-40+16/-1215085T&R4000Product SpecificationCheckOrder
ZEN056V260A16YC5.355.850.12.60.04165+3/-40+16/-1215085T&R4000Product SpecificationCheckOrder
ZEN132V130A16YM13. SpecificationCheckOrder
Part # Part Description RoHS Pb-free RoHS (2015/ 863/EU) Certificate REACH (SVHC’s) Declaration Halogen Free REACH (SVHC’s)
RF3821-000 ZEN056V130A16YM RoHS No 02/18/2019 PbFree No 02/18/2019 No
RF4203-000 ZEN056V130A24YC RoHS No 10/10/2017 PbFree No 10/10/2017 CoC_RoHS10_RF4203-000_-ZEN056V130A24YC-_10-10-2017 No
RF4110-000 ZEN056V175A12YM RoHS No 02/18/2019 PbFree No 02/18/2019 No
RF4180-000 ZEN056V230A16YC RoHS No 10/25/2016 PbFree No 10/25/2016 No
RF4181-000 ZEN056V260A16YC RoHS No 11/04/2016 PbFree No 11/04/2016 No
RF4014-000 ZEN132V130A16YM RoHS No 02/18/2019 PbFree No 02/18/2019 No
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