High Voltage Series - 1600V - 1700V Reverse Conducting (BiMOSFET™) IGBTs

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BiMOSFETs are devices, which have combined strengths of MOSFETs and IGBTs. Non-epitaxial construction and new fabrication processes were used in making BiMOSFETs a great success.These high voltage devices are ideal for parallel operation due to the positive voltage temperature coefficient of both of its saturation voltage, and the forward voltage drop of its intrinsic diode. Furthermore, this “free” intrinsic body diode serves as a protection diode, providing an alternative path for the inductive load current during device turn-off, preventing high Ldi/dt voltage transients from inflicting damage to the device.


  • High blocking voltage
  • High power density
  • High current handling capability
  • Low conduction losses
  • MOS gate turn on for drive simplicity
  • International standard and proprietary ISOPLUSTM packages


  • Eliminates multiple series-parallel lower voltage, lower current rated
  • Simpler system design
  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced component count
  • Reduced system cost


  • Radar transmitter power supplies
  • Radar pulse modulators
  • Capacitor discharge circuits
  • High voltage power supplies
  • AC switches
  • HV circuit breakers
  • Pulser circuits
  • High voltage test equipment
  • Laser & X-ray generators

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #StatusVCES (V)IC @ 25 ℃ (A)VCE(sat) (V)tfi (ns)ConfigurationPackage Typetf (ns)RthJC (K/W)IC @ 90 ℃ (A)IC @ 110 ℃ (A)Driving Voltages (V)Obsolete DatePart DatasheetSPICE ModelPartner ECAD ModelsCompare
IXBA16N170AHVActive170016650Copack (FRED)TO-263HV0.8310Part IXBA16N170AHV
IXBF40N160Not for New Designs1600286.2Copack (FRED)i4-Pac (3HV)400.51615Part IXBF40N160
IXBH10N170Active1700203.81000Copack (FRED)TO-2470.891015Part IXBH10N170
IXBH16N170Active1700403.3Copack (FRED)TO-2477050.51615Part IXBH16N170
IXBH16N170AActive1700166Copack (FRED)TO-247500.831015Part IXBH16N170A
IXBH24N170Active1700602.5Copack (FRED)TO-2477500.52415PartSPICEIXBH24N170
IXBH40N160Not for New Designs1600336.2Copack (FRED)TO-247AD400.352015PartSPICE
IXBH42N170Active1700802.8Copack (FRED)TO-2477400.354215Part IXBH42N170
IXBH42N170AActive170042620Copack (FRED)TO-2470.352115Part IXBH42N170A
IXBH5N160GNot for New Designs16005.74.9Copack (FRED)TO-247AD701.853.510Part 
IXBH6N170Active1700103.4Copack (FRED)TO-2476001.65615PartSPICEIXBH6N170
IXBH9N160GNot for New Designs160097Copack (FRED)TO-247AD701.25510Part 
IXBK75N170Active17002003.1Copack (FRED)TO-2640.1275PartSPICEIXBK75N170
IXBN42N170AActive170038620Copack (FRED)SOT-2270.42115Part IXBN42N170A
IXBN75N170Active17001453.1Copack (FRED)SOT-2274400.2Part IXBN75N170
IXBN75N170AActive1700756Copack (FRED)SOT-2270.242Part 
IXBP5N160GNot for New Designs16005.74.9Copack (FRED)TO-220AB701.853.510Part 
IXBR42N170Active1700572.9Copack (FRED)PLUS247™7400.6232Part IXBR42N170
IXBT10N170Active1700203.81000Copack (FRED)TO-268S0.891015Part IXBT10N170
IXBT16N170Inactive Part1700403.3Copack (FRED)TO-2687050.51615Part 
IXBT16N170AActive1700166Copack (FRED)TO-268S500.831015Part IXBT16N170A
IXBT16N170AHVActive170016650Copack (FRED)TO-268HV0.8310Part IXBT16N170AHV
IXBT24N170Active1700602.5Copack (FRED)TO-268S7500.52415Part IXBT24N170
IXBT42N170Active1700802.8Copack (FRED)TO-268S7400.354215PartSPICEIXBT42N170
IXBT42N170AActive170042620Copack (FRED)TO-268S0.352115Part IXBT42N170A
IXBT6N170Active1700103.4Copack (FRED)TO-268S6901.65615PartSPICEIXBT6N170
IXBX75N170Active17002003.1Copack (FRED)TO-247 PLUS4400.1275PartSPICEIXBX75N170
IXBX75N170AActive17001106Copack (FRED)TO-247 PLUS0.1265Part IXBX75N170A
Obsolete: 2023 -11-09
Phase Out/Obsolete160077Copack (FRED)i4-Pac (3HV)701.7551011/09/2023PartSPICE
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