Standard Series - 600V - 1200V NPT (Non-Punch Through) IGBTs

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D-series IGBTs are NPT (Non-Punch Through) devices making them ideal for paralleling.  They feature low switching losses with low tail current while providing short circuit capabilities. This D-series family also offers a square reverse bias safe operating area (RBSOA) feature that improves clamped inductive load current, allowing the device to safely switch in a snubberless hard switching application.


  • NPT IGBT technology
  • Low saturation voltage
  • Low switching losses
  • Square RBSOA, no latch up
  • High short circuit capability
  • Positive temperature coefficient for easy paralleling
  • MOS input, voltage controlled
  • Optional ultra fast diode
  • International standard packages


  • AC motor speed control
  • DC servo and robot drives
  • DC choppers
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Switched-mode and resonant-mode power supplies

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #VCES (V)IC @ 25 ℃ (A)VCE(sat) (V)tfi (ns)ConfigurationPackage TypeRthJC [IGBT] (K/W)IC @ 90 ℃ (A)Eoff @ 125 ℃ (mJ)RthJC [Diode] (K/W)IF @ 90 ℃ (A)Part DatasheetSPICE ModelStockCompare
IXDH20N120D11200383.070Copack (FRED)TO-2470.63252.401.619Part Check
IXDH30N1201200602.970SingleTO-2470.42383.40Part Check
IXDH30N120D11200602.970Copack (FRED)TO-2470.42383.401.035Part Check
IXDH35N60BD1600602.770Copack (FRED)TO-2470.50350.801.625Part Check
IXDN55N120D112001002.870Copack (FRED)SOT-2270.28626.200.660Part Check
IXDN75N12012001502.750SingleSOT-2270.199510.5Part Check
IXDP20N60B600322.855SingleTO-2200.90200.40Part Check
IXDP20N60BD1600322.855Copack (FRED)TO-2200.90200.402.515Part Check
IXDR30N120D11200502.970Copack (FRED)PLUS247™0.60303.401.327Part Check
IXDR35N60BD1600382.770Copack (FRED)PLUS247™1.00240.802.318Part Check
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