Very High Voltage Series - 2500V - 4000V NPT (Non-Punch Through) IGBTs

Very High Voltage
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NPT IGBTs feature square RBSOA and 10 us short circuit withstand capability. They have positive temp coefficient of Vce(sat), ideal for paralleling. They are preferred for motor drive applications.

These IGBTs enable the use of a single device in systems whose circuits previously used multiple, cascaded, lowervoltage switches. Such device consolidation reduces the number of power devices, while also improving cost and efficiency by eliminating complex drive and voltage balancing components. In systems whose circuits previously utilized high voltage SCRs, the use of these VHV IGBTs provides the designer with a true switch for easy implementation of signal modulation schemes, thus improving efficiency, simplifying wave shaping, and enabling load disconnection for improved system safety. Traditional high voltage EMRs and discharge relays can also be replaced, reducing system complexity and improving overall reliability.


  • High blocking voltages
  • High peak current capability
  • High power density
  • Low saturation voltage
  • International standard and proprietary ISOPLUSTM packages


  • Pulser Circuits
  • Capacitor Discharge Circuits
  • High Voltage Power Supplies
  • High Voltage Test Equipment
  • Laser & X-ray Generators

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #VCES (V)IC @ 25 ℃ (A)VCE(sat) (V)tfi (ns)RthJC [IGBT] (K/W)ConfigurationPackage TypeStatustf (ns)IC @ 90 ℃ (A)Eoff @ 125 ℃ (mJ)IC @ 110 ℃ (A)Sample CapablePart DatasheetSPICE ModelStockSamplesCompare
IXEL40N4004000903.204250.26SingleISOPLUS i5-PAC™20540YesPart CheckOrder
IXGF20N2502500233.101.25SingleISOPLUS i4-PAC™93014NoPart 
IXGF20N3003000223.201.25SingleISOPLUS i4-PAC™NOT FOR NEW DESIGNS21014NoPart Check
IXGF25N2502500302.901.10SingleISOPLUS i4-PAC™20015YesPart Order
IXGF25N3003000273.001.10SingleISOPLUS i4-PAC™NOT FOR NEW DESIGNS50016NoPart 
IXGF30N4004000303.100.78SingleISOPLUS i4-PAC™NOT FOR NEW DESIGNS51415NoPart 
IXGF36N3003000362.700.78SingleISOPLUS i4-PAC™NOT FOR NEW DESIGNS54018NoPartSPICECheck
IXGH10N3003000184.001.00SingleTO-247NOT FOR NEW DESIGNS52010NoPart 
IXGH25N2502500602.900.50SingleTO-24720025NoPart Check
IXGH2N25025005.53.103.90SingleTO-2471002YesPart CheckOrder
IXGK75N25025001702.700.16SingleTO-26445575YesPart CheckOrder
IXGL75N25025001102.900.29SingleISOPLUS i5-PAC™45565NoPart 
IXGT2N25025005.53.103.90SingleTO-2681002YesPart Order
IXLF19N250A2500323.902500.50SingleISOPLUS i4-PAC™1930NoPartSPICECheck