S8016RA - S8016xA Series

Series: S8016xA
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The Littelfuse SCR S8016xA series are specifically designed for Electric Vehicle On-Board Charger (EVOBC) applications. This SCR AC line input rectifier can handle Level 1 charging up to 16Arms at 120V, and Level 2 charging up to 16Arms at 240V at 100°C and up to 25Arms for 80°C. Its excellent AC handling capability and surge robustness makes this series an ideal switch for these input rectifiers.


  • VDRM 800V, IT 25rms to handle input from 100-250V line AC
  • High di/dt of 375/μsec enables handling of 3kA 8/20 surge current operationally
  • High VDSM/VRSM of 1300V, high dv/dt of 2000V/μsec prevents SCR mis-triggering during 6kV 1.2/50-8/20 surge event with minimal over voltage protection or snubber circuit
  • Available in the compact TO-263 SMT package
  • AEC-Q101 Fully Compliant
  • Halogen free and RoHS compliant


Input rectification of AC line input for EVOBC applications

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