LGD18N40ATH - LGD18N40ATH Series

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This Logic Level Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) features monolithic circuitry integrating ESD and Over-Voltage clamped protection for use in inductive coil drivers applications. Primary uses include Ignition, Direct Fuel Injection, or wherever high voltage and high current switching is required. This device is a significant enhancement to the standard DPAK ignition IGBT device, NGD15N41CLT4. This device offers higher Unclamped Inductive Switching (UIS) energy and lower Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage, Vce(on).


  • DPAK Package Offers Smaller Footprint and Increased Board Space
  • New Design Increase Unclamped Inductive Switching (UIS) Energy per Area
  • Temperature Compensated Gate-Collector Voltage Clamp Limits Stress Applied to Load
  • Integrated Gate-Emitter ESD Protection
  • Low Threshold Voltage to Interface Power Loads to Logic-Level Microprocessor Devices
  • Low Saturation Voltage
  • High Pulsed Current Capability
  • Optional Gate Resistor and Gate-Emitter Resistor
  • Emitter Ballasting for Short-Circuit Protection


  • Ignition Systems

End Products:

  • Automotive