AF0100 Series – Arc-Flash Relay Series - Littelfuse AF0100 Arc-Flash Relays Offer Superior Arc-Flash Detection

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The AF0100 series arc-flash relay is a cost-effective, microprocessor-based protection relay that limits arc-flash damage by using light sensors to rapidly detect an arc and then trip a circuit breaker. Any combination of point and fiber-optic sensors can be connected to the relay to provide maximum protection. The AF0100 accepts PGA-LS10 point sensors and PGA-LS20/PGA-LS30 fiber-optic sensors. These sensors are designed with a wide detection angle and provide the correct sensitivity for an arc flash. LEDs on the relay and on the sensors indicate sensor health and which sensor(s) detected an arc fault. Sensors, inputs, and trip-coil voltage are monitored to ensure fail-safe operation. A solid-state redundant trip circuit provides an internal fail-safe mechanism and fast arc-flash response during power up.

The AF0100 unit comes with two isolated Form-C contacts for use in applications where multiple devices require tripping. This is especially useful for generator applications where the generator and breaker need to be tripped in case of an arc flash. The relay’s compact size and DIN-rail or surface-mountable features make it ideal for equipment manufacturers.


  • Compact size
  • Works with two different optical sensor types
  • Dual sensor inputs
  • Adjustable light sensitivity
  • Discrete wire networking
  • Fail-safe system
  • USB interface
  • Unit health indication
  • LED indication

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Voltage (V)
DimensionsWeight (lbs/g)Conformally coatedDigital InputsMountingSensitivity (Ohms)SamplesCompare
AF0100-00100 - 24024 - 48; 100 - 2402 Form C, 240V ac / 30 V dc, 6A resistiveFail-safe / Non Fail-safe100-240 Vac/Vdc, 24-48 Vdc3.5 H x 5 W x 2.4 D in. (90 x 128 x 60 mm)0 KgNo2Surface, or DIN Rail10-25 klux programmableOrder
AF0100-1024 - 482 Form C, 240V ac / 30 V dc, 6A resistiveFail-safe / Non Fail-safe24-48 Vdc3.5 H x 5 W x 2.4 D in. (90 x 128 x 60 mm)0 KgNo2Surface, or DIN Rail10-25 klux programmableOrder

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