GFR4001 - GFR Series

Series: GFR-4000      Obsolete: 2013-09-06 Questions? Contact Littelfuse Support
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Replaced by: PGR-6101

The GFR 4000 ground fault relay is specifically designed to provide complete motor protection without the problems associated with high sensitivity nuisance tripping.

It is unique because it has predictive as well as protective capabilities. A metering output can be used to signal a remote meter or PLC so that ground faults may be detected at an early stage. The GFR 4000 operates on grounded, high resistance grounded and ungrounded systems. The unit can be directly connected to supplies up to 1300V, 1PH or 3 PH, 50-60 HZ. For supplies from 1300 V to 5000 V, the GFR 4000 must be connected to the HTC 5000 high tension coupling unit.

  • Adjustable sensitivity from 10 mA t to 3.0 A to reduce nuisance trips.
  • Precise insulation resistance readings indicate problems in advance
  • Adjustable time delay adapts to unique applications.
  • Fail-safe operation
  • On Line monitoring of ground to detect any change in leakage current
  • Off line monitoring of insulation resistance to notify or halt unacceptable levels
  • C.T. Loop Monitoring
  • Test/Reset buttons to assure operation
  • NO/NC form "C" output alarm relay contacts
Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Supply Voltage (VAC) 24/115