PGR-5330-22-00 - PGR-5330 Series

Series: PGR-5330
Obsolete: 2013 -09-06
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Replaced by: SE-330

The PGR-5330 is an advanced ground-fault and resistor monitoring relay. The PGR-5330 measures neutral current, neutral-to-ground voltage and neutral resistance. It provides continuous monitoring of the neutral-to-ground path to ensure the neutral-grounding resistor (NGR) is intact. This is of utmost importance on resistance-grounded systems because NGR failure renders current-sensing ground-fault protection inoperative.

Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Analog Output Current (mA) 4-20
Approvals CSA
Comms RS/TIA-232
Relay Contacts Two Form A (N.O.); Two Form C (N.O./N.C.)
Supply Voltage (VDC) 32 - 70
IEEE Device Numbers 50G
Relay Contact Operating Mode Fail-safe
Non Fail-safe

ul UL_KDAX_E340889

Littelfuse Protection Relay PGR 5330icon PGR 5330 Resistance Grounded Relay


Version 2.1

pdf icon SE-330 Manual - Previous Revision

A high-resistance-grounded system uses a neutral- grounding resistor (NGR) with a low let-through current to limit ground-fault current.

pdf icon SE-330AU Manual - New Revision

The SE-330AU is a microprocessor-based neutral- earthing-resistor monitor that detects NER failures and earth faults in resistance-earthed systems.

pdf icon SE-330HV Manual - Previous Revision

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