SE-135-13 - SE-135 Series

Series: SE-135
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The SE-134C/SE-135 is a microprocessor-based, combination ground-wire monitor and ground-fault relay for resistance grounded or solidly grounded systems. It continuously monitors the integrity of the ground conductor to protect portable equipment from hazardous voltages caused by ground faults. The SE-134C/SE-135 is field proven in monitoring trailing cables on large mobile equipment such as drag-lines, mining shovels, shore-to-ship power cables, dock-side cranes, stacker-reclaimers, submersible pumps, and portable conveyors.


Connect the SE-135 to the network using a standard Ethernet patch cable. Use of a crossover cable to connect the SE-135 directly to the computer running SE-MON-GFGC is not recommended. A typical router will assign an IP address to all connected computers that are using DHCP. The SE-135 does not support the use of DHCP. If the SE-135 is being set-up for first time, it is recommended to only have one SE-135 connected to the network to prevent communication errors.

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Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Approvals CSA; UL
Comms Ethernet
Relay Contacts One Form A (N.O.); One Form B (N.C.); Two Form C (N.O./N.C.)
Supply Voltage (VDC) 24 - 48
IEEE Device Numbers 3GC
Relay Contact Operating Mode Fail-safe
Non Fail-safe
Dimensions 8.4H X 3.9W X 6.3D
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