SE-145-00-00 - SE-145 Series

Series: SE-145
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The SE-145 is a three-channel, microprocessor-based, combination ground-wire monitor and ground-fault relay for resistance-grounded or solidly grounded systems. It continuously monitors the integrity of the ground wire to protect portable equipment from hazardous voltages caused by ground faults. The SE-145 is designed for use on three-way splitter box applications.


Connect the SE-145 to the network using a standard Ethernet patch cable. Use of a crossover cable to connect the SE-145 directly to the computer running SE-MON-GFGC is not recommended. A typical router will assign an IP address to all connected computers that are using DHCP. The SE-145 does not support the use of DHCP. If the SE-145 is being set-up for first time, it is recommended to only have one SE-145 connected to the network to prevent communication errors.

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Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Relay Contacts Three Form A (N.O.); Three Form B (N.C.); Six Form C (N.O./N.C.)
Supply Voltage (VAC) 120/240
Supply Voltage (VDC) 120/240
IEEE Device Numbers 3GC
Relay Contact Operating Mode Fail-safe
Non Fail-safe
Dimensions 8.4H X 7.6W X 7.0D