LoRho SMD Series - PolySwitch packaged PPTC for charging cable protection

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The low resistivity SMD (surface-mount device) series is well suited to space-constrained charging cable applications. The devices can help provide both overcurrent and over temperature protection.

The low resistivity SMD series comprises three devices. In the model number descriptions, the “micro” prefix refers to the 1210 form factor and the “nano” prefix refers to the 1206 form factor.


  • SMD compatible with reflow soldering process
  • Available in small 1206 and 1210 sizes
  • Up to 12Vdc and 4.5A Ihold
  • Ultra low internal resistance
  • Automatically reset


  • Reduce assembly time and cost compared to other form factors Save PCB space at USB-C connector and ensure USB-C plug meets USB-IF dimension specifications
  • Available for fast charging Less power loss and more efficient charging
  • No replacement needed after fault removed


  • Over temperature protection for USB connectors and cables including:
    -USB Type-C
    -SB Micro-B
  • Fast charging applications which have higher voltages and currents

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #IHold (A)ITRIP
Max Volts
Trip Time
microSMD450LR-C-24.59121010.0020.01201210Product SpecificationCheckOrder
nanoSMD350LR-C-23.56.312910.0040.01851206Product SpecificationCheckOrder
nanoSMD400LR-C-24812910.0040.0121206Product SpecificationCheckOrder

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