P1100SALRP-A - Pxxx0SxL-A Series

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Pxxx0SxL-A series is designed to protect automotive grade equipments such as vehicle infotainment system, device communication line and automotive camera data lines from damaging overvoltage transients. 

The series provides a surface mount solution that enables equipments to comply with global regulatory standards.


  • Automotive grade AEC-Q101 qualified
  • Low voltage overshoot 
  • Low on-state voltage 
  • Does not degrade surge capability after multiple surge events within limit. 
  • Fails short circuit when surged in excess of currents 
  • Low capacitance 
  • Pb-free E3 means 2nd level interconnect is Pb-free and the terminal finish material is tin(Sn) (IPC/JEDEC J-STD- 609A.01) 
  • UL Recognized to UL 497B as an Isolated Loop Circuit Protector. 

Markets/ Applications:

  • TIA-968-A
  • TIA-968-B
  • ITU K.20/21 Enhanced Level*
  • ITU K.20/21 Basic Level 
  • GR 1089 Inter-building* 
  • GR 1089 Intra-building 
  • IEC 61000-4-5 2nd Edition 
  • YD/T 1082 
  • YD/T 993 
  • YD/T 950
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