LM30603NJ - LM3060 Series

Series: LM3060
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Class J Disconnect Switches
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The Class J Fuse Disconnect Switch combines a switch and multiple fuses in a single, compact device. This switch, with both front or side operation, offers a simpler way to manually open and close a circuit while safeguarding against overcurrent and short circuits. When it detects an overload or short circuit, the fuse blows automatically to open or break the circuit both upstream and downstream and shuts off the equipment.
When installing or maintaining equipment, the Class J Fuse Disconnect Switch makes it easier to connect or disconnect the power in an isolated area. With a higher interrupting rating, it delivers more robust protection, increases personnel safety and offers a longer switch life.


  • Fuse isolation
  • Double break contact system
  • Small footprint
  • Optional handles (direct handle with push-to-detach system or external handle with shaft) with front or side operations
  • Safe-to-touch transparent fuse covers
  • Lockout-tagout
  • Horizontal (standard), vertical and 45-degree mounting orientations
  • Test position on handle


  • Makes it easy to segregate a particular fuse on the circuit for safe repair or maintenance
  • Breaks circuit upstream and downstream enabling the switch to handle higher voltages and provide a longer switch life
  • Saves space and provides design flexibility
  • Offer adaptability to system design. In addition, no tools are required for the frontal direct handle providing easy and quick installation
  • Cannot be opened in the ""ON"" position for extra protection and provides visibility to fuses--without opening module--for added convenience
  • When the device is in the ""OFF"" position, a padlock can be added to ensure equipment is properly shut off during maintenance or repair to prevent the release of hazardous energy
  • Offer switch installation options to adapt to system design
  • Permits control circuit auxiliary testing without switching the main contacts on for added safety


  • Industrial: service switchboards, distribution panels, control panels/motor control centers, compressors, drives, voltage stabilizers, UPS systems
  • HVAC/R: air handling units, rooftop systems, compressors, chillers, refrigeration racks
  • Mining: conveyor systems, main substations
  • Renewable Energy: auxiliary services transformers
Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Ampere Rating (A) 60
VAC (V) 600
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