2484 - 2484 Series

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  • Two positions: Off-On. 
  • For 6-36V DC systems. 
  • Will disconnect the battery circuit only. 
  • Electrical Ratings UL Listed 375M: 250A at 6V, 125A at 12V intermittent; 40A at 6V, 20A at 12V continuous. 
  • Electrical ratings on UL labels are conservative. 
  • With copper contacts.
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Package Type Bulk
Description Battery Disconnect Switch 40A 36V SPST
Actuator Diecast Lever
Case Plated Steel
Inrush rating (2 seconds) 250A @6VDC, 125A @12VDC
Contacts Copper
Max voltage rating 6V
Max total continuous current 40A
Sample capable No
StockCheck Yes

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