Rotary Headlamp and Light Switches Series - Headlamp and Accessory Control Light Switches

72079 01
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Catalog #Case materialDescriptionContact ratingsNumber of key positionsKey positionsCompare
72051-03Plated SteelRotary Light Switch with black nickel-plated lever actuator20 A per circuit at 12 V DC4Off; Panel Lamp Rear Lamp Low Beam Headlamp; Panel Lamp Rear Lamp High Beam Headlamp; Rear Lamp High Beam Headlamp
72079-01Plated SteelRotary Light Switch with lever actuator20 A per circuit at 12 V DC4Off; Hazard; Hazard Headlamps and Dash Lampes Tail Lights; Headlamps and Dash Lamps Working Lights
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