75600-07 - Electronic Windshield Wiper Switches Series

75600 04
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For one motor, 12V DC.
With dynamic parking.
With intermittent delay feature for permanent magnet electric wiper motors.
Ensures dependable control of windshield wipers on heavy duty vehicles.
Negative ground only.
4 positions: Off-Park - intermittent range - Low - High.
Push-to wash one to three wipes after knob is released.
Supplied without knob.
Diecast case 2 7/32" (56.4mm) square, 1 13/16" (46.0mm) long.
7/16 - 28 thread mounting stem 0.45" (11.3mm) long.
Hexnut and lockwasher included.
Switches conform to SAE J1455, SAE J112a and SAE J234.
Switch controls most two-speed wiper motors.
Microprocessor design.
Six color-coded wire leads, 5" (127.0mm) long.
Controls one motor.
One 7-pole connector.
Supplied with hexnut and lockwasher for mounting.
Lead and connector assembly: 5.625" (142.9mm) long. Wiring:
Red – Power
Black – Ground
Yellow – Low Speed
White – High Speed
Brown – Washer
Blue – Park
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Description Wiper switch