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Series: BB
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The BA and BB Series transient surge suppressors are heavy-duty industrial metal-oxide varistors (MOV) designed to provide surge protection for motor controls and power supplies used in oil-drilling, mining, transportation equipment and other heavy industrial AC line applications.
  • These UL-recognized varistors have similar package construction but differ in size and ratings.
  • The BA modelsa are rated from 130 to 880V M(AC) .
Both the BA and BB Series feature improved creep and strike capability to minimize breakdown along the package surface. This package design provides both complete electrical isolation of the disk subassembly, and rigid terminals to insure secure wire contacts. Remove 'a package surface' second occurance.
See BA/BB Series Device Ratings and Specifications table for part number and brand information.


  • High energy absorption capability WTM
    BA Series 3200J
    BB Series 10,000J
  • Wide operating voltage range VM(AC)RMS
    BA Series 130V to 880V
    BB Series 1100V to 2800V
  • Rigid terminals for secure wire contact
  • Case design provides complete electrical isolation of disc subassembly
  • Littelfuse largest packaged disc 60mm diameter
  • No derating up to 85ºC ambient
  • RoHS compliant

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #VMAX AC (V)VMAX DC (V)WTM (J)(ITM 1xAmps (A)VNDC
VNDC MAX (V)Vc (V)PolarityCo Typ
Part # Part Description RoHS Pb-free RoHS (2015/ 863/EU) Certificate REACH (SVHC’s) Declaration Halogen Free REACH (SVHC’s) IPC-Material Declaration
V112BB60 BB VARISTOR 60MM RoHS No 08/12/2006 PbFree No 08/15/2006 No
V142BB60 BB VARISTOR 60MM RoHS No 08/12/2006 PbFree No 08/15/2006 No
V172BB60 BB VARISTOR 60MM RoHS No 08/12/2006 PbFree No 08/15/2006 CoC_RoHS10_V172BB60 REACH209_Declaration_V172BB60 No
Does not Contain
V202BB60 BB VARISTOR 60MM RoHS No 08/12/2006 PbFree No 08/15/2006 CoC_RoHS10_V202BB60 REACH201_Declaration_V202BB60 No
Does not Contain
V242BB60 BB VARISTOR 60MM RoHS No 08/12/2006 PbFree No 08/15/2006 CoC_RoHS10_V242BB60 No
V282BB60 BB VARISTOR 60MM RoHS No 08/12/2006 PbFree No 08/15/2006 CoC_RoHS10_V282BB60 No
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