iDesign Video Tutorials

Fuse Selection

Fuse Selection Tool Tutorial

Watch how we help cut down time spent selecting the right fuse and give you a fast, intuitive way to identify the best component for an application.

Fuse Holder, Block, and Clip Selection Tool Tutorial

Watch how to easily find the right fuse holder, block or clip based on your selected fuse or circuit parameters today.

ESD Protection

Why did the ESD Protection Fail?

Sometimes a device will fail ESD testing at a voltage lower than it is rated for, or maybe a customer experiences an ESD failure. Leading to frustration with little to no answers to the question: "Why did the ESD protection fail?"

ESD Selection Tool Tutorial

The ESD iDesign online tool lets you identify the Littelfuse TVS Diode Array best suited to your application in four easy steps.

Circuit Protection

The Importance of Selecting the Right Circuit Protection

Circuit protection is used in virtually every electronic device, these devices guard sensitive electronics against damage from overcurrent, overvoltage, ESD, surges, and other destructive events. Selecting the right protection is a challenge, but doing so, just got easier.