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On this page you will find a collection of documents ranging from brochures to product datasheets to technical notes available for you to download. New documents will be added as they become available.

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Hotfeeds - Now Littelfuse Datasheets!

D-579 - Solid State Relay
D-582 - 7-Pole Connector
D-583 - Marine Ignition Switches
D-584 - Toggle Switch Boots
D-585 - Toggle Switch Guards
D-590 - High Amp Rotary Switches
D-595 - MicroRelays
D-596 - Plastic Body Solenoids
D-598 - M-750 Battery Selector Switch
D-600 - Plug-In Relay Sockets
D-601 - AFB Series Fuse Blocks for ATO Fuses
D-602 - Push Button Switches
D-604 - Tin-Plated Busbars
D-606 - Metal Body Double Pole Battery Switches
D-612 - Forward & Reversing Relay
D-613 - 95060 Ignition Switches
D-617 - Smart Battery Isolators
D-618 - 75920 Battery Switches
D-619 - Compact Low Voltage Disconnect
D-620 - LED Pilot Lights
D-622 - LED Rocker Switches
D-624 - Sealed Toggle Switches
D-625 - Metal Body Solenoids
D-640 - 48514 High-Amp Low Voltage Disconnect
D-647 - 880175 TR Battery Switch
D-650 - 880089 LX Series Power Distribution Module
D-651 - 880075 SL Series Power Distribution Module
D-652 - 880051 HD Battery Combiner
D-653 - 880086 HD Relay
D-654 - 880014 SN Mega Fuse Holder
D-655 - 880103 SD Bi-Stable Relay
D-658 - HWA20 Hard Wired Box for ATO Fuses
D-659 - SR Series Battery Switch
D-660 - 880073 XT Power Distribution Module

Sales Sheets

Battery Disconnect Switches Sales Sheet (Construction)
Fuse Holder and Power Distribution Module Sales Sheet (Agriculture)
Fuse Kit & Puller Sales Sheet (Trucking)
Fuse Kit & Holders Sales Sheet (Marine)

Material Handling Flyer
Truck Schematic
Forklift Schematic
Heavy Duty Bi-Stable Relay - 08070900
FHZ Series
EPC Power Distribution Module
MiniFlec Power Distribution Module