AC Motor- Start Winding

Control Triac for AC Motor Start Winding

Design Notes:

Protection Application:
The gate on /off control of the Triac is referenced to the voltage across the resistor. It therefore controls the AC current of the starting winding of the motor.
Solution Description:
Triac selection depends on the line voltage, nominal load current, maximum surge load current and the specific trigger circuit employed. Typical Triac Part number as Q6006DH3.
Companion Solutions:
Min /Max Alternistor current rating from 6 to 10A , Voltage rating from 200Volts in a 800 volts. PTC thermistor could also be used for AC Start winding. One drawback of the PTC is that it take time for PTC to cool down. This means the motor should not be started right after it being stopped.
Regulatory Issues:
Does not apply.
Unique Features:
Does not apply.
Application Warnings:
Does not apply.



  • Q6006DH3

    6 Amp Sensitive, Standard, & Alternistor (High Commutation) Triacs