Littelfuse Product Catalogs

Littelfuse Product Catalogs

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   ▶ Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Products

   ▶ Electronic Circuit Protection Products

   ▶ POWR-GARD® Electrical Products

   ▶ Protection Relays & Controls Products

Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Products

 North America Automotive Aftermarket Catalog
   Replacement automotive parts from the original equipment manufacturer
   ▶ PDF Download: English

 International Automotive Aftermarket Catalog
   For Europe, Middle East, Africa & Southeast Asia
   ▶ PDF Download: English

 Passenger Car and Commercial Vehicle Catalog
   Circuit protection solutions for automotive applications
   ▶ PDF Download: English

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Electronic Circuit Protection Products

   A guide to selecting Littelfuse circuit protection components for
   electronic applications.
   ▶ PDF Download: English 
   ▶ eCatalog: English

 Electronic Fuse Products Catalog
   Full range including surface mount, axial, glass or ceramic, thin-film
   or Nano2® style, fast-acting or SloBlo®, MINI® and ATO® fuses
   ▶ PDF Download: English

 Electronic Fuseholder Product Selection Guide
   A guide to selecting Littelfuse Fuseholder components for
   electronic applications
   ▶ PDF Download: English

 ESD Products Catalog
   Protect against electrostatic discharge damage with Littelfuse
   ESD Suppression products
   ▶ PDF Download: English

 GDT Product Catalog
   Littelfuse gas discharge tubes respond fast to transient overvoltage 
   events, reducing the risk of equipment damage
   ▶ PDF Download: English

 PTC Product Catalog
   Positive Temperature Coefficient devices (PTCs) provide resettable
   overcurrent protection for a wide range of applications
   ▶ PDF Download: English

 SIDACtor® Products Catalog
   Protection thyristor products specifically designed to suppress
   overvoltage transients in telecom and datacom applications
   ▶ PDF Download: English

 TVS Diode Array SPA Diodes Catalog
   TVS Diode Array products for ESD and lightning protection
   ▶ PDF Download: English
   ▶ eCatalog: English

 Thyristor Product Catalog
   Solid-state switches used to control the flow of electrical current
   ▶ PDF Download: English

 TVS Diode Product Catalog
   Electronic components designed to protect sensitive electronics
   from high-voltage transients
   ▶ PDF Download: English

 Varistor Product Catalog
  Front-line solutions for transient surge protection
  ▶ PDF Download: English

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POWR-GARD® Electrical Products

 POWR-GARD® Fuse Products Catalog
   Circuit protection products for industrial applications
   ▶ PDF Download: English

 Solar Products Catalog
   Circuit protection products for photovoltaic applications
   ▶ PDF Download: English

Protection Relay & Controls Products

 Protection Relay & Controls Product Catalog
   Protect electrical equipment used in marine, mining, petrochem and general
   industrial applications.
   ▶ PDF Download: EnglishChinese, SpanishPortuguese