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8/3/2020 Protecting Autonomous Vehicle Control Circuits Power Electronic Tips

Those who follow autonomous vehicle technology are usually well aware of its benefits.

8/3/2020 Autonomous and Connected Vehicles Handbook 2020 ISSUU

The subsystems that make up an autonomous vehicle should be bullet-proof when it comes to electrical interference and transients.

8/3/2020 Protecting Autonomous Vehicle Control Circuits EE World Online

The safety and convenience autonomous vehicles offer can only come if the vehicle electronics is reliable and robust to electrical shocks such as lightning strikes, in-vehicle power surges, and electrostatic discharge (ESD).

7/22/2020 Majority of Trained Workers Experience Electrical Shock: Littelfuse Report Electrical Business

The results of a survey recently conducted by Littelfuse Inc. show that most personnel who work directly with electricity have experienced electrical shock while on the job, half of which by more than 220 volts.

7/9/2020 High-Speed Fuses for Battery Energy Storage Applications Power Systems Design

Littelfuse, Inc. announced the launch of its PSX series of high-speed fuses.

7/2/2020 Five Design Considerations For Thermal Protection Of USB Type-C Cables Sensors Daily

Today’s USB Type-C cables allow consumers to use them for charging battery-operated portable products at power levels up to 100W.

7/1/2020 5 Important ESD Protection Considerations for Augmented Reality Wearables Tech Briefs

Learn how to design for safety, reliability, and connectivity using the latest circuit protection technologies and board layout strategies.

6/26/2020 Misconceptions About Shock Safety Automation Chat Podcast

Did you know that in the United States, shock is associated with all electrical-related fatalities?

6/9/2020 Download EV Charging Product Guide for Designing Safer, More Efficient, and Reliable Charging Stations Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine

The adoption of electric and hybrid electric vehicles depends on a network of charging stations.

6/4/2020 Protecting Intelligent Outlets in Smart Homes Embeded Computing Design

Innovation in wireless and internet technology is converting common, non-intelligent devices into smart devices that help users leverage the Internet of Things (IoT).

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