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6/20/2019 Evaluating 1200 V SiC MOSFETs Robustness Under Short Circuit Conditions

Silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs offer great promise for maximizing the efficiency of power converters due to their extremely low switching losses.

6/19/2019 Electrical Safety in the 21st Century

It isn’t breaking news that electrical professionals face potential hazards every day.

6/6/2019 How to Prevent Your USB Type-C Cables from Going Up in Smoke

A variety of USB cables and connectors have been used over the years for recharging mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops and transferring data to and from them.

5/29/2019 Why It's Tough To Characterize SiC Power MOSFETs

Silicon carbide (SiC) power MOSFETs get a lot of attention because they can switch fast while maintaining high blocking voltages.

5/15/2019 The Challenges of Power for Automotive

Electric and hybrid vehicles are gaining ground in the automotive market, becoming a key area of interest for electronic system suppliers.

5/10/2019 Do You Have The Right Level Of Safety, Efficiency And Reliability For Your EV Charging Systems?

EV charging stations come in many different types and provide differing speeds (or levels) of charge to a vehicle.

4/25/2019 The Big Problem with Fast-Charging Using USB Type-C cables

Although the popularity of wireless charging for smartphones and other mobile devices is growing quickly, charging cables are unlikely to disappear completely anytime soon.

4/1/2019 Arc-Flash Relays Help Return Workers Home

Industry research in the U.S. found that a majority of the arc-flash injuries within mining occurred in organizations that were seen to have average or good safety cultures before the time of the incident.

4/1/2019 Electric Vehicle Fast Chargers Present Some Overlooked Circuit Protection Challenges

Before providing power to the EV battery, most DC fast charging stations communicate with the vehicle to detect how much charge is left in the battery to determine how much power to provide.

2/1/2019 How to Increase Industrial Control Panel SCCR & Reliability

When operating in its current-limiting range, a current-limiting fuse is designed to clear a short circuit current in less than one half cycle.

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