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12/1/2023 Don’t Blow It: Why Solar Arrays Need Solar Fuses ElectricSmarts Network

It’s not unusual that solar photovoltaic (PV) systems would require fuses – after all, these installations can carry substantial electrical loads, so overcurrent protection is critical to their safe operation. What is remarkable, though, are the conditions under which PV panels, their conductors, and their wiring can operate.

9/20/2023 Efficient and safe fast charging: DC fast charging stations - tips for developers

Discussing challenges and advancements within electric vehicle (EV) charging technology

8/14/2023 Littelfuse has a Broad Portfolio for Power Converters Used in the Electrolyzers to Generate Green Hydrogen BISinfotech

Littelfuse discussed about the green hydrogen sector, including their products for power converters and energy storage in the sector, as well as their strategic plans, achievements in 2022, and upcoming product releases and collaborations.

7/28/2023 Littelfuse Talks on Reliable & Safe Battery Packs EV Mechanica

Discussing about the chemistry of battery packs, EV Mechanica had a brief talk with Littelfuse on the safety and reliability of its latest battery packs.

7/14/2023 How an Electronic Fuse Protects a Smartwatch from Overloads Design News

Discussing how Littelfuse’s eFuse was the key element in designing a wireless charger with robust circuit protection for a smartwatch.

7/13/2023 Tips for Designing Robust and Efficient Cordless Power Tools & Chargers Appliance & HVAC Report

Discussing tips for designing robust and efficient cordless power tools and chargers.

6/28/2023 How to Properly Protect a BESS Power Circuit from Overcurrents North American Clean Energy Magazine

A battery energy storage system (BESS) is a combination of smaller units of energy (cells, modules, racks) to attain the energy requirement for a particular system. Overcurrents not only frequently damage these systems, but are also the culprit of downtime, which hurts a company’s bottom line.

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