880159 - HD Normally Open Relays Series

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The HD Series Normally Open Relay is designed to deliver and remotely switch vehicle loads. The HD Relay supports remote power switching applications that demand high performance; including high continuous current passage, large inverter loads, and high ambient temperature situations. The HD Relay delivers high performance in a compact size, making it a great choice for heavy‐duty vehicles, construction and agriculture equipment, military vehicles, and heavy‐duty lifting equipment.

The HD Relay is designed for harsh weather, high shock and vibration environments; typical of those found in heavy‐truck, marine, and emergency vehicle applications. The HD Relay is ingress rated to IP67/IP6K9K ingress protection to support direct high temperature high pressure wash down.

The HD Relay provides significant cost and weight benefits by eliminating the need to route heavy copper cables to more conveniently located mechanical only disconnects. Cables can instead be routed directly to loads with the HD Relay positioned close to the battery or in‐line with the desired cable routing. Remote control of the HD Relay can then be located in any convenient location on the vehicle with a fine‐wire harness linking the HD Relay to the control switch.

Customized Options

Contact Littelfuse for custom variations with unique delay features or auxiliary contact logic. Variations to control switch logic and inclusion of voltage sensing, automatic relay operation, and CAN based communication protocols may be added to customized variations of this product.

Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Description 9-16V DC 300A HD Relay
Voltage 9-16V DC
Max total continuous current 300A
Sample capable No