PGR-8800 Series - Arc-Flash Relay

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The PGR-8800 is a UL and cUL Listed Arc-Flash Relay that reliably detects developing Arc-Flash incidents without nuisance tripping by looking for a combination of excess light and current. Phase-current-transformer inputs are provided for current-constrained arc-flash protection and, when so equipped, a programmable definite-time overcurrent function can be enabled. An optical sensor on the PGR-8800 and adjustable trip level reduce the chance of nuisance tripping by setting a threshold for ambient light. Sensors, inputs, and connections are monitored to ensure fail-safe operation. A secondary solid-state trip circuit provides a redundant trip path. A USB port is used for configuration and access event logs and graphs.

The PGR-8800 can be used as part of an energy-reducing active arc-flash mitigation system to meet NEC 240.87 (B) (4). 

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Arc-Flash trip time <1 ms

Limits arc-flash damage and risk of injury

Multiple sensors (up to 24)

Single module can monitor 6 sensors. Up to 4 PGR-8800 units can be linked into one system

Fail-safe system

Continuous monitoring of optical sensors and inputs ensures protection

Redundant trip circuit

Solid-state backup arc-detection circuit adds a second layer of safety

Adjustable light sensitivity

Allows for operation in bright environments and maximum sensitivity in dark environments

LED indication (on unit and each sensor)

18 LEDs provide at-a glance status for module and I/O state

Current detection

Phase-CT inputs provide overcurrent protection and prevent nuisance trips

Optical detection

Point and fiber-optic sensors provide wide detection area with sensor health trip indication

Digital inputs (6)

Two each: remote trip, inhibit, and reset inputs

Service mode

Allows for system test without tripping

Trip coil contact

Solid-state 24-300 Vdc/24-300 Vac IGBT

Indication contacts

Form C and status outputs

USB interface

Data logging and configuration software uses a USB interface with no drivers or software installation

Built-in sensor

Can be used in single-sensor systems, as a seventh sensor, and for calibration

Universal power
supply/Battery backup

100-240 Vac, 14-48 Vdc, or 110-250 Vdc supply accepted. Ability to charge and run off an external, user-supplied 24 Vdc battery.

Data logging

On-board event recorder helps with system diagnostics

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PGR-8800-00120/24012-48/120/240Three Form C (N.O./N.C.); One Form A (N.O.)UL, cULus, CE, C-tick

pdf icon PGR-8800 Datasheet

pdf icon PGR-8800 Manual

The PGR-8800 Arc-Flash Relay is a high-speed, arc-detection device for electrical power distribution systems.

PGR-8800 CAD Drawing

pdf icon Littelfuse Arc-Flash Relay Brochure

pdf icon PGR-8800 Arc-Flash Relay Application Guide

pdf icon Arc-Flash Case Study

pdf icon PGR-8800 Firmware Update Instructions

pdf icon PGR-8800 Arc-Flash Relay FAQ

pdf icon TN AF-01 PGR-8800 Arc-Flash Relay Guideform Specifications Word Doc

PGR-8800 Arc-Flash Relay Guideform Specifications Technical Note...

pdf icon TN AF-01 PGR-8800 Arc-Flash Relay Guideform Specifications

PGR-8800 Arc-Flash Relay Guideform Specifications Technical Note...

PGR-8800 SKM Device Library Update

Update your SKM software to list the validated PGR-8800 when calculating your incident energy. Using this will save time by automatically determining your systems trip times, arc flash boundaries and required PPE. Please visit for instructions on how to install the SKM file.

pdf icon New Mining Technology Article - Arc-Flash Relays Help Mines Reduce Accidents

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