SE-325 Series - Neutral-Grounding-Resistor Monitor

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The SE-325 Neutral-Grounding-Resistor Monitor is used on resistance-grounded systems up to 25 kV to monitor the integrity of the neutral-to-ground path and to detect ground faults. It measures current and voltage in a transformer or generator neutral-to-ground connection and continuity of the neutral-grounding resistor (NGR). The SE-325 coordinates these three measurements to detect a loose connection, corrosion, ground fault, or NGR failure, and provides one alarm or trip output contact.

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SE-325120One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325D120120One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325DN120120One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325DNT120120One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325DS120120One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325DSN120120One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325DSNT120120One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325DST120120One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325DT120120One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325E240One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325EN240One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325ENT240One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325ES240One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325ESN240One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325ESNT240One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325EST240One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325ET240One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325N120One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325NT120One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325P120One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325S120One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325SN120One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325SNT120One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325ST120One Form A (N.O.)CSA
SE-325T120One Form A (N.O.)CSA

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