P1500RE - Pxxx0RE Series

Series: Pxxx0RE      Obsolete: 2009-09-01      Replaced By: P1500MEL
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This SIDACtor device is a 3000 A solid state protection device offered in a non-isolated TO-220 package. It protects equipment located in the severe surge environment of CATV (Community Antenna TV) applications.

In CATV line amplifiers and power inserters, this device can replace the gas tubes traditionally used for station protection because SIDACtor devices have much tighter voltage tolerances.
Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Max Capacitance Tip to Ring (pF) 280
Min Capacitance Tip to Ring (pF) 190
di/dt @ 110°C (A/μs) 500
IDRM @ VDRM (μA) 5
Holding Current (mA) 50
Iscurr 800
Package Size TO-220
Regulatory Requirements GR1089 Intra-Building
GR1089 Inter Building
ITU K.20
ITU K.20 Enhanced
ITU K.21 Enhanced
YD/T 993-1998 Without Primary
YD/T 993-1998 With Primary
Ipp8x20 3000
Peak Off-State Voltage Tip to Ring (V) 140
Pins Tip to Ring 1-2
Switching Voltage Tip to Ring (V) 180