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Series: pxxx1ca2
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Subscriber Line Interface Circuits (SLIC) are highly susceptible to transient voltages, such as lightning and power cross conditions. To minimize this threat, Littelfuse provides this dual-chip, fixed-voltage SLIC protector device.

SIDACtor® devices are used to enable equipment to meet various regulatory requirements including GR 1089, ITU K.20, K.21 and K.45, IEC 60950, UL 60950, and TIA/EIA-IS-968 (formerly known as FCC Part 68).
  • All measurements are made at an ambient temperature of 25°C. Ipp applies to -40°C through +85°C temperature range.
  • Ipp is a repetitive surge rating and is guaranteed for the life of the product.
  • Listed SIDACtor® devices are bi-directional. All electrical parameters & surge ratings apply to forward and reverse polarities.
  • Vdrm is measured at Idrm.
  • Vs is measured at 100 V/µs.
  • Special voltage (Vs & Vdrm) and holding current (Ih) requirements are available upon request.
  • Off-state capacitance is measured across pins 1-2 or 2-3 at 1 MHz with a 2 V bias. Capacitance across pins 1-3 is approximately half.
  • Parallel capacitive loads may affect electrical parameters.
  • Compliance with GR 1089 or UL 60950 power cross tests may require special design considerations. Contact the factory for further information.

Littelfuse Irving Matamoros_ISO9001 2000_040907icon Irving and Matamoros ISO 90012000 Certificate

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SIDACtor Protection Thyristor TwinSLIC Series Modified DO 214 Datasheet

SIDACtor Fixed Voltage TwinSLIC Series Modified DO 214

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